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Membrane Keypad Manufacturers in Chennai

We are best Membrane Keypad Manufacturers in Chennai. We prepare "MEMBRANE KEYPADS" for our customers. Our the product is an instant touch feel on the keypads. We prepare membrane keypads that are flexible, PCB Based with or without connector according to the design and the application. It is prepared by multi layers of punched flexible polymer sheets. Circuits are made with silk screened with conductive silver ink on both top and bottom membrane layers.

For the improved tactile feedback, less contact bounce, longer switch life and greater reliability flexible circuits are used. On the other hand, standard thickness of PCB ranges from 1mm to 3.2 mm. Board can be single sided, double sided or multilayer. We offer low cost, reliable keypads for your convenience. Polyester dome keypads are fabricated by embossing domes in a layer of polyester. You are welcome to consult with us for the fine quality keypads at an affordable price.

Membrane Keypad Manufacturers in ChennaiMembrane Keypad Manufacturers in ChennaiMembrane Keypad Manufacturers in Chennai