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Barcode Labels Manufacturers in Chennai

We are best Barcode Labels Manufacturers in Chennai. We prepare barcode labels, barcode stickers for our customers. All packed products are marked individually with the barcode stickers. Barcode contains sets of numbers for a particular Product that is read by an optimal reader. Barcode labels contain product name, quantity and so on. Every code is composed of data that can be unique to each product. Different barcodes we use are one dimensional , two dimensional, stacked linear stickers.

We do barcodes based on size which is needed for you. Still, we are mentioning some standard sizes that is 8.5inch* 2.75inch, 11inch*2.75inch, 12 inch* 5inch. Other than that 50mm*50mm*1,25mm*25mm*4 and so on. We use thermal printers for barcode stickers or labels for the perfect output. It can be prepared in sheets or of rolls as per requirement. You can approach us for the best at any time.

Barcode Labels Manufacturers in ChennaiBarcode Labels Manufacturers in ChennaiBarcode Labels Manufacturers in Chennai